No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep. That statement couldn’t be more true but I’ve also never seen anyone conquer their dreams confidently by looking like a zombie-in-training. In this day and age, not getting enough sleep and looking tired is normal. And while I have accepted this norm, I definitely have these tips in my back pocket so that I still look my best every day. Here are my tips on how NOT to look tired:

Keeping it Cool

The Jade roller

The moment you wake up, spoil yourself with anything cool. Splash cold water on your face; put your eye cream on the fridge before applying; and my favorite: put a spoon on the freezer and gently press against your under-eye. Cold constricts blood vessels and relieves water retention, which reduces the look of puffiness and looking tired. There are available face rollers which you can store inside the freezer at night and use it in the morning like the Jade Roller from Mount Lai.


Fresh Sugar Face Polish

You must exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of surface dead cells. For a sleep-deprived face, exfoliating brings blood flow to the surface giving you that instant glow. When you exfoliate, you massage your face, which triggers blood to flow thru. Getting the blood flowing wakes up your skin. Why don’t you try FRESH’s Sugar Face Polish Exfoliator?

Liquid Luminizer

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer

Your skin is depleted of moisture, and while there’s no substitute for that 8 or more glasses of water (and 8 hours of sleep), adding luminizer is the quickest cheat for that lit-from-within. Either apply before or mix liquid luminizer to your makeup base, whether a primer, foundation, moisturizer.  I love this Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer!

Radiant Skin

Bobbi Brown skin foundation

Skip your matte foundations and reach for your hydrating, dewy formulas. You want your skin to lock in moisture as it is expectedly parched for missing those zzz’s. A lot of people swear by the radiance of Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. It is weightless and almost undetectable on the skin, it plumps your skin and boosts the glow. If you have to powder your face (say you’re oily or combination skinned), be light-handed and selective where to powder.

Matte Eye

When it comes to you eye makeup, stay away from shimmery shadows as it will accentuate puffiness. Matte eye shadows will tone down any water retention on your eye lids. Stick to neutral (skin-tone) matte colors to give a subtle definition to your sleepy peepers. In fact, just use your matte bronzer and apply it on the contour (socket) of your eye to naturally define. While I said keep the color on your mobile lid matte, you can still have a playful and fun eye look by concentrating shimmer ONLY on your inner corner. Your eyes will catch the light but it will not draw attention to puffiness.

Eyelash Curler and Mascara

Too faced better than sex mascara

These two are your no-fail tag team to look awake. After curling your lashes, concentrate at least 2 coats of mascara on the center part of your eye to make your eyes look bigger. You can also apply mascara on your lower lashes to give that doll-like, rounded look. Now is not the time to look subtle – make sure you get the blackest mascara you can find. If you have a few bucks to splurge, why don’t you try Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara?

Cream Blush

Milk makeup lip & cheek stick

A pop of color on your cheekbones finishes the “pick-me-up” look. Creamy formulas leave a dew on the skin imparting that flush of youth.

Bonus: you can also use cream blush as a lipstick, so when you’re scrambling to meet your early morning appointment, multi-tasking products win.

My makeup kit is not complete without Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek.

With barely 4 hours of sleep and being certain that you would absolutely look and feel lousy and tired, I hope you win over your snooze button, gear up with the tips I shared and feel very settled to chase what’s worth-it to wake up for.

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  1. There is a lot of great information here. I was especially happy to get the recommendation for bobbi brown foundations, as I’ve noticed my foundation tends to dull rather than brighten my face. thank you for the information!

    1. Hey Misty! Thanks for stopping by. The BB Skin foundation is divine. I hate foundations that I can feel sitting on top of my skin. You will literally feel like you have nothing on. 🙂 With the right application technique, this foundation literally can look like real beautiful skin. Please feel free to read about my post about flawless foundation techniques! xx, Bev

  2. I haven’t heard of jade roller before, I clicked on the link and they do not ship to the philippines, but I’ll keep an eye on that kind of product, maybe there are local sellers here. Thanks for this info. 🙂

    1. Hey Ann! There are a lot of face rollers available – there’s actually rose quartz rollers, aside from jade rollers. Let me see if i can recommend you something that can be bought from PH. I’m from Manila, PH! Nice to see a Filipina here. Thank you for the support. xx, Bev

  3. I completely agree with you about the importance of drinking water. whenever I don’t pay enough attention to this, my skin suffers. I will definitely be trying the Liquid Luminizer. thank you for the advice.

    1. Hey Catherine! Thanks for stopping by! My bag always contain my wallet, phone, keys and water bottle. I trained myself to be constantly thirsty…. and my skin thanks me for it. 🙂 xx, Bev

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