Mascara is the makeup world’s Little Black Dress: One can never be over-dressed and under-dressed with it. For something as basic as mascara, you’d be surprised with all the mistakes we are all guilty at some point.

If you want to learn how to apply mascara without clumping, or apply mascara that stays on longer and fuller, read on and never be caught with less-than-flawless lashes!

Tips to Avoid Clumpy Mascara

Don’t Over-Pump

Pumping your mascara wand in-and-out of the tube thinking that you’ll get more product is the single most damaging cause for stale mascara. The air introduced when you pump the wand dries out the mascara faster than its 3-month life cycle.

Mascara Maintenance

After every after 3 to 4 uses, be sure to wipe the mascara wand with a clean paper towel to remove product buildup. Your goal is to keep the mascara wand as clean as you can before every next use. The product build up is what makes a clumpy mascara application.

Avoid Too Many Coats

Resist the urge to pile layers of mascara. With a good mascara, you can achieve long and luscious lashes with 2 coats, 3 coats max! Position your wand parallel to the root of the lashes, then starting from the lash bed, wiggle your way up until you reach the tip. The thickest coat of your mascara should be by the root in order to hold the curl; otherwise, the weight on the tip of your lashes will weigh your lashes down.

Apply, WAIT…Then Repeat

Wait for each layer to completely dry before repeating for another coat. Apply your first layer of mascara then move on to another step in your routine (say, apply your bronzer/blush). A good 2-3 minutes after, apply your 2nd layer of mascara.  If I’m gunning for maximum eye impact that day and I want a 3rd coat of mascara, I would actually bring my mascara in my bag and apply the 3rd coat after I travel and park in my destination.

Brush Those Lashes

Invest in a lash comb so you can brush thru after each coat, removing extra product clinging onto your lashes. That is one sure way to avoid clumping.

Hack: an old mascara wand that’s been cleaned and sanitized is a perfect de-clumping tool.

The Calling Card Hack

Hold a calling card behind your lashes and against your lid. The card will give you easier leverage to coat each lash completely. It also allows for you to coat top-side and bottom-side of lashes giving your lashes an over-all fullness.

Mascara Brands – Go Big or Go Home?

I know your next question. What are my mascara top picks? If you know me, I am very partial to high-end products. But if there is one makeup product that I will not splurge on, it would be mascara.

Mascara’s shelf life is about 3 months, 6 months tops if you don’t use it daily. I simply cannot justify buying an expensive product that needs to be repurchased so often. Besides, the drugstore is overflowing with awesome mascara formulas, that you don’t have to buy high-end ones.

I’ve tried so many drugstore mascaras, mostly those recommended by and highly-rated in Amazon. Here are some of my favorites:

Maybelline great lash washable mascara
L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash paradise
Almay Extreme length mascara

Nothing makes for an eye-catching and mesmerizing look other than long, full and fanned-out lashes. No matter how simple or elaborate your eye-makeup, mascara will always finish the look.

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  1. wow! talk about educational, I’m guilty of the crazy wand pumping and end up losing my fav mascara within weeks :'( but you got the technique and shared to the world, thx chica!!

    1. Hey Nettie!! I think as little girls we just mimicked our moms who also mimicked their moms….Not really knowing it’s the #1 no-no! 🙂 Please stop by for more tips, I’m all for sharing is caring to the world. xx, Bev

    1. Hey Catherine! Haha, It’s actually funny how we all formed this habit not knowing it’s counter-effective. What i suggest is you just swirl your wand while inside the tube so that you get product before you take it out of the tube. xx, Bev

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