Welcome to this 2 part series on How to Brighten Under Eyes. In Part 1, I’ll share with you my top products and techniques to help make your under eye routine a breeze!

How to Brighten Under Eyes – Part 1!

Dark circles are never cute, except when you’re a panda (hah!). Lines under your eyes are the sure-fire giveaway of old-age (and yes, we can get them pre-maturely). The only thing worse than over-baggage in airports is puffy bags under your eyes.  The former you can pay out, while the latter haunts you for days, or even permanently.

Whether genetics or lifestyle gave you these dreaded under-eye issues, I’ve got you covered.  This is a subject that I am very passionate about. Thru years of accumulating concealers and trying every technique to successfully combat under-eye woes, I want to share with you my tried-and-true products to brighten under eyes.


If you have bluish or purplish shadows in your eyes, you need a separate corrector apart from your concealer. Correctors neutralize while concealers brighten. You will know you need a separate corrector (read: not everyone needs this), if when you apply concealer you notice a grey shadow still peeking thru. Neutralizing dark circles is not rocket science, rather it’s simply the color wheel. Purple is opposite yellow while blue is opposite orange; anything within the range of yellow-to-orange will cancel out purple-to-blue. I find that peachy-tones cancel my bluish purple dark circles. Anyone fairer than me, will need something more pink-based (bisque shades), while anyone darker than me will need something more salmon-based (orange to red shades).

I’ve tried a lot of correctors but I find myself coming back to Bobbi Brown’s Corrector. I use the shade ‘Peach’.

Bobbi Brown Corrector, Bisque


I like high-coverage concealers for one reason and for one reason alone: you need so little of it but it delivers the job! The less products you put under there, the less it will cake around the area. The most counter-productive thing you will do is piling concealer under your delicate eye area. With humidity, facial expressions and product meltdown thru the day, your under-eye will be flakier than a croissant. High-coverage concealers need not be heavy-looking.

My favorite medium-buildable coverage concealer is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Vanilla


In the market, you will find they are sometimes called illuminating concealers: in essence, light-coverage or highlighting concealers. If you are part of the lucky 10% of the population who don’t have under-eye circles, then you do not need a full coverage concealer. Concealers infused with radiant particles should be enough to lift the under-eye area. Illuminating concealers are also best used to camouflage puffy eyes. You need to place the illuminator exactly on the socket that surrounds the actual puff – this socket is called the tear trough. It is the line of shadow brought by the ‘weight’ of the bags. Concealing only that part plumps and lifts the receded portion and therefore lessens the look of heavy bags.

My favorite illuminating pen: YSL Touche Eclat.

YSL Touche Eclat

Let’s be honest here. Products alone will not be enough. Without proper technique, even good quality products will mess up. Here’s my trifecta of under-eye concealing tips:

Eye Cream is Must!

Eye Cream is a Must!

Eye cream is a must, both at night and during the day (before makeup application). If your under eye area is dry, then you increase the chance of any concealer (even the good ones) to crease. Cooling eye creams like the Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-puffing Eye Massage has saved me from looking like Chewbacca the next day after a night of cry-fest.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum
Hack: If you don’t have a de-puffing eye cream, just freeze a spoon for 10 minutes then hold it under your eye until it’s no longer cold. Yes, it works!

The Amount and Placement of a Product is Key

Our natural instinct when we see the damage we need to correct is to pile all at once and all over. My tried-and-true recommendation: whatever amount of concealer you think you need, use only half of it. If you’re using high-coverage concealers, you also do not need a lot of product. Also, examine the shadow under your eye and target to apply only where you need it. Most of us just have the darkest area concentrated on the inner corner of the eye.

Finish Off With Setting Powder

Your concealer should always be set with powder. Pro-tip: make sure before you set your concealer, you smooth out any creases then immediately pat powder on top, preferably a finely-milled translucent one. If you don’t smoothen before setting with powder, you will actually cement/set the crease. My personal winning tandem: using a damp sponge to smooth out the concealer and to set it with a loose translucent powder, like Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting powder.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Go Forth and Brighten Away!

Age and sleepless nights – you can accept that you can’t control. But becoming a master of under-eye concealing? Yes, you can own this!

Head on over to Part 2 of this series to learn some of the common under eye makeup mistakes and how you can remedy them!

  1. Thank you for the clarification on correctors and concealers. Most time I do not understand which is which.There are mistakes I have seen with make-up artists of not setting in the concealer with powder. I am not a make-up artist myself but I know the powder is necessary.

    I want to believe that I am in the 10% of people that do not have under-eye circles yet, but once I see signs, I sure know what to do.

    Thank you for this insights. Nice article!

    1. Hey Carol! I dislike powder on me because a lot of them just look like makeup on top of skin. And if you’re going for no makeup natural look, powder is not your friend. However, the under eye is the only part of my face i NEED to powder. 🙂 Yes, keep these tips handy for when you need it … until then, know that I’m very jealous of you, LOL. xx, Bev

  2. Mom and I went to the mall today and there is so many make-up competition! However, I have read so many remedies for facial treatments online from circles around the eyes to acne spots and sun spots. There is so much one can do with backing soda!  I don’t use any make-up and I’m thirty. However, I think that if I were to follow your guidelines, I would look my age. 

    1. Hey Linda! In my 20s, I went ham on makeup – tried and piled it like no other. Now in my 30s, the less I put, I feel benefits me. The key is applying less of those products that ACTUALLY work. xx, Bev

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