Welcome to this 2 part series on How to Brighten Under Eyes. In Part 2, I’ll focus on the common mistakes of under eye makeup and how you can avoid them!

How to Brighten Under Eyes – Part 2!

The market is saturated with a lot of really good concealers yet you still find yourself unable to nail that bright and smooth-looking under eye makeup. The best under eye concealer, unfortunately, is not enough. There are under eye makeup application boo-boos you may be committing! Find out if you’re guilty and learn how to prevent them.

You Didn’t Moisturize the Area

Oils are not produced on the under eye and it happens to be the most delicate part of your face. Make sure you apply eye cream at least 5 minutes before makeup application. Using your ring finger (the finger with the lightest pressure), pat the under eye cream gently. You know your eye cream has been absorbed when the area is slightly tacky to the touch. If you apply while the eye cream is still sitting on your skin, your concealer will just slip and slide all over the place. A good eye cream is the perfect moisturizer and primer before concealer.

You Used a Concealer Intended for Blemishes

Concealers intended under the eye are creamy and lightweight while those intended for blemishes have a drier and heavier formula. When you conceal a blemish, you need something more bulletproof in order to cover the hyper-pigmentation, or sometimes, an active breakout. Your under eye needs a different kind of camouflage. Great under eye concealers must have suitable coverage while still being lightweight and hydrating. If you get cheeky and used the same concealer for your blemishes on your under eye, there’s a big chance that the delicate eye area would be overwhelmed, resulting in a dry cake-y mess.

You Used Way Too Much Concealer

Less is more couldn’t be more apt. I’m partial to concealers with medium to full coverage because you use very little and it goes a long way. I apply the most concealer on the darkest area and diffuse the concealer on the surrounding area.  For most people, the inner corner typically needs the most attention – that’s where I first apply the concealer and I just blend away on the surrounding area. The more concealer you apply, the greater chance that the product will settle on your fine lines.

You Didn’t Blend the Concealer Thoroughly

Anything haphazardly blended will sit on top of the skin. When product sits on top of the skin, it has higher likelihood to crease. There are two professional ways to blend: (1) Use your fingers and pat (not rub) the concealer in place and (2) Use a wet sponge (like a Beauty Blender) and bounce it around the under-eye area. The 1st technique uses your finger’s warmth to melt and blend the concealer. The 2nd technique ensures the most air-brushed, even and thin application of concealer. I find that I have the smoothest result by using both techniques.

You Didn’t Set Your Concealer Properly

Setting powders specifically for the under-eye area are finely-milled and light-reflective loose powders. Pressed powders and powder foundations tend to be on the heavier coverage and will add unnecessary weight on your under eye. Don’t go crazy with the powder! Over-powdering will also give you cake-y finish. Important:  Immediately after smoothing down the concealer, follow thru with loose powder almost instantly. I have a personal technique too:  I lift my entire eye area including the brows to get a stretch and get as little micro-creasing as possible. By doing so, my under eye is completely smooth before I set it with powder.

Go Forth and Brighten Away!

There is no alternative to smooth and bright under-eye. It takes a great concealer and a handful of good techniques to make it happen. You’ve been shown the way. You got this!

If you missed Part 1 of this series, you can find it here.

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  1. This was a very interesting and useful guide on how to brighten the area under your eyes and also it highlighted blunders to avoid that is as useful as the suggestions. I found myself wanting to go back to the first part of the article, which you did link to, so I could see what I may have missed. I did that too.

    In total, between the two articles, there is a wealth of advice that is so helpful that I forwarded the links to both to my kids living in Germany. They both are interested in such articles that can help them in their search for the best ideas on how to remain beautiful, using natural methods or natural products that will not harm their skin, whether it is products or tips on how to take care of their skin.

    Since they are actively using concealers, makeup, and other products and methods on a daily basis, I know they will appreciate and be able to use what you have put together in these two articles. Do you also recommend particular products or services to your readers? I am pretty sure you are going to have two more regular visitors when my daughters see your articles. Thanks!

    1. Hello Dave. It is so endearing to see a dad forwarding makeup articles to his daughters. 🙂 Thank you for such kind feedback, you can be sure that I’m gearing up to push out more articles. I have 40++ blog posts already drafted, filled with more tips and recommended products. Please tell your daughters to stay tuned. xx, Bev

  2. Hi Bev,

    Thanks for this post and it’s very informative and detailed about something we need to take care of the makeup around our eyes or we shall avoid. But, I think only text isn’t a good demonstration of all the things you mentioned in this article, and it will be much better that you could share some photos to indicate some area with mistakes that people made all the time.

    Another concern is do you have the recommended concealer that you used? It will so good that we could learn something from an expert like you!

    1. … And Matt, I definitely agree with your suggestion. I need to put in more pictures. I will take that to heart in future posts. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to engage with you in other posts. Share to you friends, please!! xx, Bev

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