The mother of creativity is either laziness or desperation. At least that’s the case for me who is forced to resemble a person when I had zero hours of sleep and looking like an extra in The Walking Dead. Life is not peachy every single day so let’s face it, simple makeup looks is what gets us out the door and what jump starts our day. Simple makeup looks do not need to look haphazard. With the right products and techniques, you can easily make this your every day get-pretty look.

Moisturizing Face Base

The goal is not to have flawless perfect skin; rather glowing healthy skin. You have a range of products to choose from BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers, tinted sunscreens. I will have to dedicate a whole blog post to differentiate these moisturizing face bases – watch out for that. For now, what you need to understand is that, moisturizing face bases have the ability naturally perk up your skin with minimal effort. You’d want to use the warmth of your fingers to massage the product to your freshly cleansed skin. The motion of gently rubbing it on your face promotes blood circulation. Make it a habit to massage with upward motions so that you train your skin to stay lifted (any effort to delay impending sagging helps!) With this 1st step and 1st product alone, your skin comes back to life almost instantly.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (Oil-Free)

This was the first premium product I bought with my own money when I got my first paycheck. When you have clear, flawless skin of youth, foundations are unnecessary. This is how I started my love affair with this tinted moisturizer which offered me “my skin, but better” healthy look. It has sheer coverage and a natural luminous finish. I have normal-combination skin which is why I chose this oil-free formula. Laura Mercier also offers the radiant version of this tinted moisturizer. Truth be told, I don’t see this oil-free formula controlling my oil thru out the day, but I don’t see this necessarily as a negative. There’s nothing like a little dusting of powder on my T-zone can’t fix. I prefer retouching and fixing an oil slick over cracking dehydrated skin.

Eye Brightener

The easiest giveaway that you’re tired is by looking at your eyes. So if you only have 3 minutes to spare, you cannot skip brightening your under eye. The key is finding a lightweight, easy-to-apply concealer that can cancel out the fifty shades of bluish-purple under your eye. You have two options – go in with just a corrector (to neutralize the darkness – recommended if you have really severe discoloration) or just a concealer (to brighten the area – recommended if you just need general lifting of shadows). Whatever you choose, your goal is to illuminate your under eye so that you look like you had the luxury of eight hours of sleep.

YSL Touche Eclat All-Over Brightening Pen

This brightening pen is in its own product category. It does not offer the fullest coverage to completely remove dark circles but it offers the most believable skin-like brightened under eye. It’s shimmer and glitter free, this has micro-pearl technology that help diminish signs of fatigue. It’s so easy to apply, in fact fingers are the best application tool for me. If you press this product directly where you need it, you can instantly see how this brightening pen lifts that recessed area. The formula is so lightweight, setting the product with powder is unnecessary. If you want to maintain the luminous finish, leave the product as it is. It’s a magical pen that has maintained its cult status for 25 years and counting.

The One Product That Gives You The Oomph!

By this time, we’ve already dealt with sallow skin and panda eyes. The last product to seal your simple makeup look is the product you believe you need in order to make you feel confident. Do you want to play up your asset? What is the one makeup step that you just cannot skip? For some, it would be eyelash curler + mascara; while others feel pretty with a swipe of blush on their cheeks. A lot of people cannot leave the house without their brows defined. It all depends on YOU. Whether you base it on what the day calls for or what your mood tells you, the fun part of this effortless simple makeup look is that it’s unpredictable and flexible.

What I will personally recommend in choosing your last product is this: make it a one-and-done product. If it’s for brows, find a brow mascara that not only sets the brows in place, but one that has fibers that give the brows the look of fullness. If it’s for cheeks, find a cheek tint that you can also use for your lips. You get my drift, right?

Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain

You can never go wrong with a lip and cheek stain, especially the one that started it all. This tint is easy to apply – put 2-3 stripes per cheek, blend it with your fingers. It’s heavenly to apply when you have a moisturized face underneath it. You can layer if you want a rosier tint. But honestly, the first layer gives such a translucent flush as if you jogged several rounds and blood rushed thru your face. I always choose a lip/cheek stain as my “oomph” product because I always benefit from having that healthy flush on my cheeks. The best part of this stain is its lasting power – it’s sweat proof, heat proof and yes, kiss proof.

3 Minutes is All You Really Need!

Part of nailing this quick natural look is having your makeup products that you absolutely trust will deliver its claims. You’ll also notice that the products I recommended here are best applied using fingers. That’s quite intentional – If I’m in a hurry, I need effortless products that don’t need a lot skill or tools to apply. 3 minutes, 3 products – if that is not a simple makeup look for you, I don’t know what is. Now off you go!

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  1. Wow, 3 minutes caught my attention and it turned out to be a nice article, I love it. 3 minutes, 3 products is really a nice option for people who don’t have enough time to spare at their mirror front and its very effortless and stress free. You’ve done well by stating clearly that simple Makeup shouldn’t be haphazard but rather, it should be simple and sweet. The 3 products are of  great use and skin soothing composition. The article I really nice.

    1. Hey Jones! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Appreciate that you got the point of the article — short and sweet does not mean you didn’t care. I always believe that we have enough stress in our daily lives, our beauty routine should be fuss-free. xx, Bev

  2. Such a great post, thank you! You just inspired me to always take those quick three minutes and make the effort to look my best in spite of time constraints. It really does make for a nicer day when you feel confident about how you’re showing up to the world. And that YSL eye brightener is on my shopping list. What a fabulous sounding product! Thanks again for the inspiration. It’s worth it to spoil yourself a bit.

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