Having panda eyes before I even had late nights that caused them have set me out for almost a lifelong journey to find the best under eye concealer for dark circles. Without batting an eyelash, I am #TeamConcealer all the way.

The fastest way for me out the door is an illuminated and refreshed look, brought to you by my trusty lightweight concealer. I find that on a daily basis, I only need to deal with my panda eyes at the bare minimum. Everything else is cherry on top. When I look at the mirror, I no longer cringe at the sight of dark purple under my eyes; instead, I smile thinking of the hard work I pulled thru at the wee hours of the night. Attitude – 1, Insecurity – 0!

I have tried so many concealers to give me that bright-like-my-future and well-rested under-eye look. Here are my top 5 concealers of all time and they are absolutely life-changing!

Top 5 #TeamConcealer Weapons of Choice!

Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector

bobbi brown under eye corrector

Before you even dive into the rest of the 4 products that I highly recommend after this, you need to get a mirror and be honest. Does your under eye have a greenish-brown or bluish-purple discoloration? If your answer is yes, then you need more than a concealer to neutralize your panda eyes; you need a corrector. A corrector, usually in the range of yellow orange to red, will cancel out / neutralize dark green to bluish discoloration. It’s no magic: it’s basic color wheel theory. Shades opposite each other in the color wheel will cancel each other. If you just apply a brightening concealer (2 shades lighter than your skin tone) to your dark circles without neutralizing the discoloration, you’ll find that your under eye will appear grayish. Zombie-chic is never on-trend!

I have tried so many correctors but I still go back to this Bobbi Brown pot of magic. This corrector is best applied using fingers. The warmth of your fingers melt the product making it a dream to apply under eye. You do not need a lot; in fact I recommend that you only apply this directly where there is discoloration – usually on the inner corners near the nose. The formula is full-coverage, it can hide the evidence of a sleepless night. Most days, I can use this without using concealer on top of it and I’m a bright-eyed wonder. But for days that need re-enforcement, I apply concealer AFTER corrector.

At this point, you do not need to apply a lot of concealer anymore as most of the work has been taken cared of. The reason I recommend Bobbi Brown corrector to most women is because of the vast shade-range. Last I checked, they have 16 corrector shades, catering from the most porcelain to the richest of skin tones.

Pale ladies would need the pink-bisque shades, medium-toned ladies can benefit from the peach shades, while deeper-toned ladies need almost an orange/salmon tones like dark peach or dark bisque.

Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch

giorgio armani

Nothing beats the natural illumination that this concealer offers your under eye. If you want to cop that “no makeup” makeup look on your under eye, then this concealer is for you. You can never overdo and cake up your delicate under eye with this product. It has a fluid texture that applies and blends easily using fingers. It has light-diffusing pearls that leave a luminous finish.

This concealer does not offer high-coverage, so my favorite combination is using a corrector underneath and topping it off with this luxurious lightweight concealer. I also love it’s skinny-tipped wand – it’s perfect to pin-point exactly where you want to highlight and brighten. I put special attention on the tear trough area – you know that recessed area on the inner corner, just below your bags? That area is usually the most discolored part of your under eye – that’s the area you want to highlight / bring forward. For every day radiant-looking under eye, this is my bet.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

nars radiant concealer

It’s no surprise that this concealer is the holy grail of beauty enthusiasts for years. This creamy liquid concealer is a medium coverage concealer that corrects and perfects your under eye, even if you just use so little of it. For my under eye, I find 3 (at most 4) dots is enough to completely cover discoloration. My preferred way of application for maximum coverage is blending the concealer using my fingers then going in with a wet sponge to press the product on my skin and remove any excess product. I use this concealer when it’s a special day at work (say, I have an important presentation) or for special events – because this concealer lasts all day.

I don’t find this concealer breaking down or melting off my skin and you want your concealer to be long-lasting when it matters. One word of caution: you’d want to set this concealer with a lightweight powder, preferably a translucent loose one. The downside of being creamy is that it can crease if you applied too much of the product. This concealer has a wonderful shade range – not only can you brighten your under eye with this, you can also use it to highlight and contour your face. It’s an all-around skin perfector.

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer

Make up forever ultra hd

I was on the lookout for a creamy medium-coverage concealer that does not need to be heavily set in order for it to be long-lasting and crease-less. There are days when our under eye is extra dry, either because we’re dehydrated or the weather is just dry and drab. On these days, you’d want less powder on your skin unless you want your face to crack by midday.

That’s the beauty of this Make Up Forever concealer. It’s smooth and easy to apply, has sufficient coverage and it dries down to a natural matte finish. I wouldn’t really go as far and say that this does not need setting; let’s face it – unless you don’t make any facial expression throughout the day, any product on the skin is bound to crease. I would say it’s like the twin sister of the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer but dry-skinned gals would love this a tad more, as it’s more forgiving to the delicate fine lines.

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

I have always been adamant about anything full-coverage because I live in constant fear of cakey makeup. But then this concealer, not only wiped out my bias, but also erased my dark circles like no other concealer has ever done. First off, this full coverage concealer has a hydrating liquid creamy formula that never looks dry under my eye. I put product at the back of my hand, pick up a bit of the product using a kabuki brush and I apply directly under my eye. I never apply the product directly from its huge wand – mainly for hygiene but more so because it just applies too much product I don’t need. Before I set the product with powder, I pat it down with a wet sponge.

If I want more coverage (for special occasions), I’d pick up product using the wet sponge and apply directly to areas that need coverage; I find that the wet sponge does not dull down the coverage of this product. This is my go-to when I need my concealer to work double-time.

The Secret’s out: Concealer is Your Ticket to Insta-Pretty!

It’s that single product that can instantly transform you from a high-functioning zombie to a fearless boss lady. The ultimate verdict if you’ve found your tried-and-true concealer? When with one swipe of it, you feel you’re showing the world your best face forward.

What’s your Insta-Pretty weapon of choice? I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for these amazing tips. I have been fighting with my dark circles for a while now, and after reading this post I understand that I am using the wrong product! Ugh.

    I am going to buy a corrector right away so thank you for the recommendation for the Bobby Brown product.

    1. Hey Irma! The Bobbi Brown concealer is life changing. It can be used on its own or layered with concealer on top for days you want that extra brightening. This is one product that makes me panic if I’m close to running out, need to run and buy it asap!! xx, Bev

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