The “no makeup” makeup look is simple to the core, but nowhere near cookie-cutter status. I believe that the answer to the question “what is natural makeup” is a personal journey on its own. It is quite impossible that my no makeup routine can be easily replicated by another person.

My task here is to not give you a list of what to do and products to use, rather give you easy pointers for you to arrive at your own definition of your “no makeup” or “natural makeup” look.

Yield to Your Skin’s Needs

The pinnacle of the “no makeup” look is spoiled and nourished skin. The reason why it’s so beautiful is because it brings to light healthy skin. “No Makeup” look is anchored on a canvass that is prepped well and a good moisturizer should be enough to awaken your skin. You have to note also that coverage is not a priority here. Worry less about making yourself flawless and embrace the fact that your skin is free of layers of makeup. There are days when all you need is just a tinted moisturizer, while there are other days that you would need full coverage concealer on select parts of your face.

I know, I said I would not focus on products to use, but if you would like to know what I would personally recommend to highlight healthy looking skin, then no doubt it would be the Bobbi Brown Vitamin-Enriched Face Base Priming Moisturizer.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin-Enriched Face Base Priming Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown Face Base

This moisturizer and primer hybrid is awesome. It leaves my combination skin looking smooth and feeling supple. Though it does not eradicate oil, I can say that it does control the amount of oil my face produces. Whenever I put this before makeup, anything I apply on top just glides on so beautifully. I feel my skin thanks me every time I wear this.

Oh, That Glow!

Do you remember your face after laughing so hard and you get a pop of color on your cheeks? Or when you spent a weekend at the beach and you inherit that gorgeous all-over-warmth? That flush of ‘pop’ or ‘warmth” is what you want to mimic next. Only you can tell what looks more naturally beautiful on you: pop or warmth. Maybe both? Lucky you, then!

Whatever you choose, try to see if you can get a creamy version of that flush because creams will always look more natural over powder. If you have to use powder, get the fluffiest brush to apply your blush or bronzer, in order to get a diffused look. Cream blushes are my most favorite makeup product, right after concealers. I’ve tried so many and I will not be able to narrow down my favorite. But if you allow me to share, NARS Liquid Blush is my current favorite.

NARS Liquid Blush

NARS Liquid Blush

First thing to be warned about this: VERY highly pigmented! So I know this cream blush is pricey but in the end, you end up using this for much longer. This has a silky lightweight feel and luminous finish, perfect for giving you the healthiest and most glowing flush of your life.

Underline Your Favorite Feature

If you’re a makeup enthusiast like me and have the tendency to pile, then you’ll understand why I recommend on highlighting only 1 feature: to avoid looking over-done. If you’re a newbie and quite unsure how to pull it off, then this principle decodes it for you: have a focal point and let everything else be subdued. The fine print of this principle is not surprising: even if you make one feature stand out, make it as subtle as you can.

  • Eyes – curl your lashes and make sure your mascara does not look clumpy.
  • Lips – choose a color as close as possible to your natural shade.
  • Brows – the most natural way I find is just using a tinted brow mascara like Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel, which has repeatedly been restocked in my makeup stash.
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel

If you have sparse brows, this can fill your brows with color to give it more dimension. If you have full brows, this can tint your brows to make it look softer or darker, depending on the look you’re going for. Ultimately, this one sets your brows in its most flattering shape.

No Makeup Look? No Problem!

I find that a Google search saturates you with a lot of step-by-step on how to achieve the “no makeup” makeup look. For the most part, it focuses on products and techniques that’s why I opted to explore this topic differently by explaining the principles that pull off this look. To echo, they are:

Oh, that Glow.

What do you expect a no-makeup look other than a look that is Y.O.U.?

Take these principles and make it your own!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve gotta say, I’ve always shied away from makeup because I’m so fair and I feel like everything looks ridiculous on me. The natural look ask been best for me. I love your input about giving your skin what it needs! There’s makeup and skincare out there that help your skin look and feel healthy! I’ll try the principles you’ve suggested to give myself more of a glow. Thank Y.O.U.!

    1. Hey Jackie! From someone who piled layers and layers of makeup, tried all the trends and experimented on looks — I will always come back to the no makeup look. There’s something so cheeky (haha!) and empowering spending 10 minutes to look exactly the same, just a more confident self. Keep doing YOU, you’re beautiful. xx, Bev

  2. I too have combination skin and have used the Bobbi Brown Priming Moisturizer for some time now because it’s the only product I’ve found which makes the drier parts of my face feel moisturized without making the oilier parts too oily. I don’t have sparse brows, so don’t use a brow gel, but do use mascara as my eyelashes are quite fair in comparison. I’ve not come across the NARS Liquid Blush product but will look into it as I’m quite pale and need blusher to look even slightly healthy! A really helpful, encouraging post, thank you.

    1. Hello there! That Priming Moisturizer do no get a lot of noise in the internet, doesn’t it? But it’s so good. I’m so happy that you and i share this favorite. Your full brows are enviable – to keep them bushy, do you apply anything to keep them healthy? 🙂 Oh, you’ll not regret that NARS blush!! I’m medium-toned (I have a natural tan) yet I still feel that blush affords me that healthy happy glow. I love it! xx, Bev

  3. I hardly ever wear make-up but enjoyed reading about getting the glow. How do you feel about just wearing mascara? Many of my friends feel they could leave off any make-up except mascara. Bobbi Brown seems to have a lot of products which my daughters make a request for.

    1. Hello Jagi! Yes absolutely — that’s why the last principle is underlining your favorite feature. I can totally see a lot of women pulling off just mascara. I would totally do that if it weren’t for my watery eyes — The only way around it is wearing waterproof mascara, which i think is too much for everyday (it’s a pain to remove at night). 😛 As an alternative, I always make sure that I curl my lashes everyday — it opens up my eyes in a very natural way. 🙂 Yes Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands; if you stay tune for more of my posts, you’ll see that I recommend a lot from this brand — it’s really a brand that focuses on highlighting the woman, more than the makeup. xx, Bev

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