On Fleek [adj]: the quality of being perfect or ‘on point.’

Usually used to refer to eye brows which are perfectly groomed, filled and shaped. “On Fleek” gained popularity in 2015 where brows made a major comeback in the beauty world. Phenomena has not died down so much so that Oxford finally added “On Fleek” in the dictionary.

Whether thick or thin, straight or rounded, softy or hardly angled, up-turned or down-turned, brows are a chief defining feature for your face. Not only do brows convey emotion, the shape it assumes will have a major impact on the over-all look of the face. In fact, your brows can say something about you even before you say anything. Your brows have the power to reveal your personality, even if only for first impression’s sake. In general, straighter brows convey innocence and tend to be more approachable. While arched brows make you look more sophisticated and sexy. There are so many ways to get the perfect eyebrow!

Getting That Perfect Eyebrow

The golden question: What’s the best brow shape for you?

It comes down to 2 things: 1) Your facial shape plays the biggest factor in determining your ideal brow shape, and 2) Your brows are the frame of your face – it should be defined in order to create balance and over-all facial harmony.

As a general rule, in order to have the brows that best define your face, you must play against the natural angles of your face shape. More angled / structured brow shapes balance more rounded faces while softly arched / rounded brow shapes soften the features of more angular faces.

If you’ve already determined the best brow shape for you, the next question is HOW to shape your perfect eyebrow? There a lot of brow products in the market and each serve their purpose in defining your brows. It all depends on what kind of definition you want to achieve – some products offer subtle definition, while others define more dramatically. It also depends on what brows you have naturally. Not everyone is blessed with Cara Delevingne brows. Sparse brows will tend to need more TLC.

Here are the different types brow products you can try, as well as my personal favorites in each category.

Brow Gel

This comes in clear or tinted variants. Brow gels are best for days when you have no time to waste. All you need to do is brush your brows in place as if you’re combing them – upwards from the inner brow hair until arch, then brush down from arch to the tip. The advantage of a tinted brow gel over a clear one is it ends subtle dimension to your brows especially if you have sparse and/or light-colored brow hairs. Using a tinted brow gel that 2 shades darker will give the illusion of fuller-looking brows.

Brow gels are also typically used to finish off a brow routine, typically after you’ve used either a brow pencil/powder/pomade. Brow gels serve to set the brows into the shape you’d like them to be. I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel.


Fiber Brow Gel

This is a no-makeup look staple. With tiny microfibers, this creates natural looking volume and definition. To use a fiber brow gel, you would do small tiny strokes coating each brow hair from tip-to-tip. The more strokes you do, the thicker the brow hairs will appear. I would recommend that you start on the part of your brow that is most sparse. For me, the tail end of my brow is less dense than the front of the brow. I would start applying the fiber brow gel on the sparse parts so that I deposit the most product (fiber) there.

Good fiber brow gels are buildable. You should be able to customize the fullness that you like for your brows. You can use this on its own (for no-makeup days) or after a brow pencil/powder/pomade if you want to volumize your brows further. I recommend the Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel.


Brow Pencil

This is my favorite creamy brow pencil because it is able to address my brow needs: 1) It’s very easy to stencil in your brow shape; it’s a matter of drawing hair-like strokes in the direction of the shape I want to achieve. 2) It’s easy to fill in the gaps in the middle of my brows; I have relatively full brows so being able to pin-point where I need to fill in ensures that I don’t go overboard. 3) It’s the perfect product to draw that sharp tail of the brow; I have a short brow and it needs to be extended in order to frame my face.

My favorite brow pencils are ultra-slim mechanical type – I do not need to bother with a pencil sharpener and I always have a pointy pencil to draw hair-like strokes. If you like waxier brow pencils, you can read my review of my all time favorite hard pencil I recommend here.

Pro-tip: If you find yourself being heavy-handed in drawing your brows, hold the pencil from the middle or even higher (farther from the pencil itself); the less grip you have on the pencil, the lighter your strokes will be.

Also have a spoolie on-hand so that you can blend the product with your brows and remove harsh pencil strokes. I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil.

anastasia beverly hills brow wiz mechanical brow pencil

Brow Powder

Compared to pencils, brow powder will give you softer definition and is ideal if you are aiming to fill in your brows to give it a fuller look. You can achieve multiple levels of intensity from sheer to strong. Brow powders are buildable and easy-to-blend. This brow product is the most beginner-friendly because precision is not required.

Most brow powders come in a set of 2 shades – a lighter one and a deeper one. You typically use the former on the front of the brows and use the latter by the tail. Using 2 shades of powder give your brows a beautiful gradient, instead of a block-y one-tone brow. I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo.

anastasia beverly hills brow powder duo

Brow Pomade/Cream

If you are not naturally blessed with full bushy brows OR you were a victim of your own over-plucking, brow mascaras, pencils and powders may not be enough or you. That is where this full-coverage brow product comes in: brow pomade/cream allows you to create your brows from a blank canvass. The bonus? Pomade/cream are smudge-proof and sweat-proof, making it the most long-lasting of all formulas.

A good pomade/cream will glide on your skin seamlessly, allowing you to build natural looking to bold and dramatic brows. The intensity and depth of your brows will depend on the amount of product and application strokes.

Pro-tip: Always dab away any excess before using this product; it’s very easy to go overboard and heavy-handed with this product.

This product may require a bit of learning curve but once you nailed the application, pomade/cream is actually the most versatile of all formulas because you go from natural to dramatic, using only 1 product. I recommend the Benefit Cosmetics ka-BROW! Cream Gel Eyebrow Color.

Benefit ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color & Brush


If you’re ever in a hurry to walk out that door, I’ve found that having a strong brow game is a sure way to make me feel confident throughout the day even without makeup. Getting that perfect eyebrow is a journey of trial and error, but once you’ve got the perfect eyebrow down, from using your favorite products or best kept techniques, there is nothing that can stand in your way!

How do you get your brows on fleek? I’d love to hear your favorite products and techniques in the comments below!

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  1. Nice, Bev. I’ve always just used tweezers to shape my brows and have always received compliments on them, had friends ask me to do theirs the same way. Could you do a post on natural eyebrow shaping? Because I’m curious to know about if I keep shaping them how that could affect them down the line. Maybe alternatives to tweezing? Never tried wax or the technique they do with the string..microblade or something like that?

    1. Hello T! I’ve tried all grooming techniques but on a maintenance basis, I think knowing how to tweeze your own brows is the best (and most economical) way, esp if the shape of your brows are fairly defined already. If i find that I’m losing my brow’s best shape, I’ll go get them threaded – usually at the start of the year so that i get the shape optimized. But I will maintain the shape by tweezing every 2 weeks or when i see stray hairs peeking thru. I’ve tried waxing but my facialist noticed that I get whiteheads/pimples around the brow area more frequently when I do waxing. If you’re quite sensitive that way, you might encounter the same with waxing. I am aware of microblading (3D semi permanent tattoo) but i was sure it wasn’t for me. You have to look for a microblading specialist with a good reputation before you take the chance here. 🙂 xx, Bev

    1. Hello Kaylon! You’re so on point – Benefit really hit the mark with brow products. Pencils are my favorite too. I love how i can do hair-like strokes. xx, Bev

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