I live by the philosophy that ‘Beautiful is Basic’. While makeup plays a part in enhancing (physical) beauty, confidence anchors beauty more deeply. Confident beauty is empowered, innate and discerning. Confident beauty can afford to be low-maintenance because confidence is an end-all. In today’s article, Low Maintenance Beauty – A “Less is More” Approach to Makeup, I will try to show you just that.

Whether you choose to be low-maintenance because you got lazy (don’t we all – hello Mondays!) or you just don’t have enough time on your hands, trust that being low maintenance can prove to be more impactful than you think.

Since I’m obsessed with embodying ‘Beautiful is Basic’, I’d like to share with you 3 different looks that I’ve mastered so that YOU can get inspired. You can be low-maintenance, depending on your mood, style or the occasion.

1. Bare-Skin Bella: Spoil your Skin Look


…. by the time you finished dressing up. When you get out of the shower, start layering your skin care. If a product needs more time to settle in, don’t add another layer. Instead, deviate to another task by either drying your hair or lathering some body butter all over. When the first few layers of skin care is absorbed (how to tell: your skin is not tacky or sticky to touch), you can finish with the rest of the layers.

The Low ‘Key’

If you wear makeup every day, consider treating your skin to a makeup-free day every now and then. Your skin deserves to breathe and it craves for unadulterated care. I’m no dermatologist but my commitment to skincare has made me realize that skincare knows no age, spending capacity or vanity level: you NEED to invest in your skin no matter what.

Skin care has multiple benefits: repair, prevention, protection, improvement and enhancement. I know that if you’re used to wearing makeup, it will be daunting to go bare skin. But with this look, you just have to not give a damn and embrace your beauty 100%, flaws and all.

Products used:

Beautiful Basics

It doesn’t matter if your skin care regimen is simple or intricate, as long as it works for your skin type/needs.

This is my personal routine that has worked for me. In the morning, I use a gel-based cleanser since it’s best for combination/oily skin. I exfoliate using a mild scrub twice a week to get rid of dead skin. I use a separate serum to boost hydration on my skin; this step is optional. If it’s a particularly humid day, I will skip this. What I will never skip though is sunscreen. I feel very strongly about mandatory sunscreen application that I wrote a dedicated blog. I also do not forget to give targeted care to my under-eye and lips because they feel dry and neglected by midday if I don’t apply eye cream and lip balm.

Lastly, I give my lashes a few squeeze and off the door I go!

2. Bare Minimum Beauty: ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look


… in 5 minutes or less! I would highly recommend not skipping on skin care (see above). Opt to streamline your usual routine by using only the mandatory ones based on your need: Sunscreen is my ultimate must and cannot be optional. The “No Makeup” makeup is best for your daily look. It is less dependent on the products you use and more impacted by your discernment in using them. Your no makeup look can vary with the products you use but the effect remains the same: Is she not wearing makeup or is she? Keep them wondering.

The Low ‘Key’

Two things to nail this look: (1) Choose a feature to enhance OR a flaw to minimize. Beyond this decision point, you’re going to pile makeup unnecessarily, and (2) Embrace that this look is not to look perfect and flawless. The element of being un-done or imperfect is the very reason why this look is beautiful.

Carrying this look is 100% about owning your beauty. The combination of a few products should vary – that’s what makes this look never boring. The products you choose to use should depend on what feels right to use (mood) and what will you do for the day (situation). Be very discerning of the type of products you use and the way you apply them. I went to great detail about how to further decode the no makeup look in this blog.

Products used:

Beautiful Basics

For someone like me who tends to go overboard (so much makeup, you want to use them all), my trick is to limit the products I use to ideally 3, no more than 5.

For good skin-days, I will definitely skip foundation. I will only use concealer to brighten the darkness under my eyes. To wake up the skin, I will apply a cream or liquid highlighter on the high points of my face. A lot of people think that highlighting and contouring must go together always. Not necessarily – highlighting is actually a fresher way of defining your face by using light, rather than shadow, to sculpt your face.

If I have extra minutes to spare, I will define my brows because nothing makes me look more put-together than brows which naturally frame the face.

3. Put-Together and Pretty: Effortless but Chic Look


…. in 15 minutes or less! Reserve this look for any time you just want a little something-something more than just skin care (hey don’t skip this altogether!). The common denominator with women of beauty and substance is that they look put-together but they never look like they tried too hard. When you see the makeup before the woman, that’s when you know you’ve tried too hard. Your makeup should never overpower you. 

The Low ‘Key’

When I think effortless makeup look, these things come to mind:

1. Products you can use multiple ways: Not only will you save time, the monochromatic look (i.e. your cheek color tying with your lip color) is ultra-chic.

2. Use your fingers as the ultimate tool: Nothing melts and blends your makeup better than (clean) fingers.

3. Skipping high-coverage and going light: Light makeup bases give you a fresher and more carefree look over high-coverage foundations.

4. Have a focal point – be it your eyes, brows, or lips – and roll with it. The beauty in this look is its subtlety.

Products used:

Beautiful Basics

I spend the most time perfecting my base with a pore-minimizing primer combined with a targeted concealer. I am very partial to cream products because they look the most natural. You can read back on my separate blog posts were I share my favorite cream base and cream color products, they are my absolute holy grails!

Personally, I love to highlight clear glowing skin above anything else. I make sure to apply cream highlighter on the high points of my face particularly tops of my brows, tops of my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, and of course, my personal favorite – inner tear duct.

Since I have combination skin, I balance my highlight with strategic powdering, specifically on my T-zone: middle of my brows, sides of nose and chin. There’s no chic look without groomed brows so I use my preferred brow product (a thin mechanical pencil) to define my brows.


You are beautiful – just because! There’s no need to keep up with makeup trends, new makeup launches and what’s hot in the beauty world. We can go low maintenance when it comes to our beauty routine and actually feel beautiful about it. Just let your beauty be — Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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