I have always been an advocate of simple and uncomplicated beauty. If you browse thru my entire website, I’ve dedicated a lot of my posts to sharing tips on how to be effortless and basic when it comes to your beauty routine. That doesn’t mean though that I do not recognize that doing ‘EXTRA’ does have its merits. I am equally passionate about taking extra steps, using extra products and taking extra time on my beauty routine, because sometimes, going the extra mile and being high maintenance with makeup is worth it!

In the list below, you will find that there are some beauty concerns that will be addressed by  combining and layering several products to achieve a desired effect. You will also discover that, in order to achieve superior results, one product or technique is not enough. While you love multi-tasking products, you also need to be realistic and accept that a lot of products are exceptional when you use them for their primary purpose. Beyond that, you’ll need to rely on other products to do their job.

Below you’ll find creative ways to bust the stigma of being high maintenance with makeup. I hope you learn a thing or two that, when it comes to these beauty-related frills, the value and pay-off you get is more than enough reason to indulge.

Being high-maintenance does not deserve the stigma, does it? 😊


This was a trend that gained its popularity in 2015 that definitely should be a classic in your skincare routine. When it comes to personal beauty care (skin, makeup, nails), a regular assessment of our skin’s condition is crucial when choosing products that work best on you. How your skin looks and feels today will be totally different tomorrow. Give and take a lot of factors (sleep, stress, hormones — to name a few), you need to have a daily assessment of how your skin is performing (or not performing) for the day.

Invest in various skin masks that cater to different skin needs, ranging from – (a) clarifying (b) nourishing (c) tightening (d) brightening. Map the mask according to where you need it. For instance: If you typically break out on your T-zone, consider applying to GlamGlow Supermud™ clearing treatment for that area of your face alone. This is a charcoal mud mask that effectively seeps into your pores to lift dirt, toxins and excess oil. The result? Pores that are unclogged and complexion that’s visibly clear.

glamglow supermud

On the outer perimeter of your face, lather on GlamGlow Thirstymud™ hydrating treatment to infuse and lock moisture. This silky mask is ultra-hydrating and leaves your skin glowing.

glamglow thirstymud

Don’t forget your eyes, because eyes need dedicated care too. You should give the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches a try.  This is infused with Hyaluronic Acid that attracts and retains hydration, Caffeine that de-puffs the eye area and Marshmallow Root Extract that softens and soothes the look of fine lines.

Water Drench hyaluronic cloud hydra-gel eye patches

When it comes to face masks, you should consider that your face is not a single flat plane. Every surface area requires a different kind of care.


In the same principle explained in Multi-masking, Multi-priming aims to target-correct based on your skin’s current demand.

Weather, activities for the day, but mostly your skin’s condition, vary every day. In as much as you have your trusty all-around primer, you will find certain scenarios were it will not live up to your expectations.

If you woke up with a particularly sallow skin for not getting enough sleep the night before, your everyday oil-control primer will do its job – YES, but it will not combat the dullness of your skin, therefore defeating the purpose of primer which is to prep your skin for optimal makeup application.

If you’re curious about what the best primers are for each specific need, look no further:

Best Oil Control: Becca Ever-Matte Priming Perfector

If your oil glands are hyper-active, then consider this as its kryptonite. It’s so effective that you should only put this exactly where you produce excess oil. If you apply it on well-behaved skin, you run the risk of over-drying that area. Also, you only need the thinnest layer of this primer. No need to go overboard.

Becca ever-matte priming perfector

Best Pore-Minimizing: Cover FX Blurring Primer

If you’re wanting to refine the look of your pores, then this is your superhero. Most women have visible pores in the middle of their brows, sides of nose, nose itself and chin. You will love this primer because one thin layer and your skin looks so flawless. This is a silicone-based primer with a natural beige tint. On really good skin days, you can get away just wearing this and no foundation on top.

cover fx blurring primer

Best Luminous: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Hollywood Filter

If you’re wanting to cop the soft-focus, illuminated, skin-filter-in-a-bottle look, then this complexion booster is the best in the market. It’s a perfecting complexion booster that makes your skin look lusciously lit and glowing.

charlotte tilbury flawless hollywood filter

Best All-Around Primer: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

An all-around primer is exactly what you need when you’re in a pinch and you just need something to control the oil, minimize your pores and smoothen the canvass in one go. One thin layer of this primer and it will leave your skin feeling silky and looking poreless.

hourglass mineral veil primer

At any given day, I’ll choose 2 primers – just because different parts of my face need different kind of priming. On an everyday basis, I use a Pore-Minimizing primer on my T-zone and a luminous one on the outside perimeter of my face. On special occasions, I’ll use an oil-controlling primer on my T-zone and a luminous one on the sides of my forehead and cheeks.

When it comes to priming your skin, this is the step where I will discourage you to be basic and simple. The better you are at priming your skin, the better your makeup will lay on top of it.

Color-Correcting Concealers Before Foundation

It is important to establish that foundation’s sole purpose is to provide an even-looking coverage on your face. If you have perfect skin (good for you!), then even-looking skin is enough. But if you have skin imperfections like redness, sallowness, blemishes, big pores, or uneven skin tone, foundation may not be enough.

Enter — Mana from heaven called correctors. Correctors neutralize problem areas whether in tone or texture. Applied before foundation, it corrects the problem area so that your foundation does not need to work overtime to perfect your skin.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Corrector offers the entire shade range to camouflage imperfections from discoloration, redness, sallowness, acne marks.

lancome teint idole ultra wear camouflage corrector

Every skin concern is covered by this ultra-pigmented long-wearing formula. It comes in a range of shades targeting every concern:

  • Green: Neutralizes redness for light to medium skin tones
  • Yellow: Brightens dullness for light to medium skin tones, minimizes dark spots and circles for fair complexions
  • Lavender: Brightens sallowness for light to medium skin tones
  • Peach: Minimizes dark spots, dark circles, and acne scars for medium skin tones
  • Orange/Red: Minimizes dark spots, dark circles, and acne scars for deeper skin tones
  • Universal Highlighter: Use to highlight skin from subtle sheen to full-on glow
  • Brick Red: Minimizes dark circles, spots & acne scars for deep skin tones

Having 2 Shades of Foundation

Not every beauty junkie wins the foundation shade lottery. No matter how much we love a foundation’s finish, coverage and wear, if it doesn’t match our skin-tone, it’s a no-go. Solution? You can mix 2 shades to find your perfect match.

If you still find it unnecessary to own 2 shades of the same foundation, think of it this way – Your skin tone does not remain constant throughout the year. During cooler months, your tone lightens and during hotter months, your tone deepens. After a beach getaway, you need to match your tan with a darker shade of base. If you’re feeling sick and color is drained off your face, you need a warmer shade of base to bring back that healthy glow.

Mixing 2 shades of foundation allows you to customize your shade and ensure 100% perfect color-match, any season and any reason. I find comfort to own 2 shades of the NARS Sheer Glow foundation: Punjab and Barcelona. They are both medium shades with golden peachy undertone. Barcelona is my could-have-been perfect shade but it’s a tad-bit too peachy. I balance it with Punjab which has more of light-golden tone.

nars sheer glow foundation

On an everyday basis, I make what I call a ‘foundation cocktail’, mixing these 2 shades together producing an almost perfect shade match with my skin. Whenever my skintone changes (lighter or darker), I apply more of one shade and still get a perfect shade match.

Using Multiple Mascaras for Desired Effect

If you found a mascara soulmate that does everything you need it to do – permutations of – separating, defining, lengthening, curling, volumizing – then I envy you. Chances are, if you’re on the same boat as me, your best bet is finding several favorite mascaras to do exactly what you need.

You would probably need at least 2 kinds: one everyday mascara that does what you need – some people need lengthening, some need volumizing; and the other would be a special occasion mascara with a more dramatic effect than you your everyday one. Also, would be good to bring up that you will need separate non-waterproof formula and  waterproof formula.

For every day, I prefer non-waterproof formula because I like it when mascara is easy to take off every night. For special occasions, then I need a budge-proof and smear-proof formula. If you haven’t read it yet, you should go check out this post I wrote about perfect mascara application because in that post, I also shared my favorite mascara formulas.

If you are extra particular, you can also differentiate between mascara you apply on your upper lashes versus your lower lashes.

Hint: The mascara wand makes all the difference – your lower lashes will need a finer / smaller bristled wands.

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara has been a tried-and-true mascara for smudge-proof lower lash definition.

mac extended play gigablack lash mascara


While keeping your beauty routine low-maintenance (effortless and basic has its perks), these tricks would prove you otherwise. There are instances that call for more effort, more time, more products. Sometimes being high maintenance with makeup isn’t all that bad.

You shouldn’t feel guilty spoiling yourself with extra makeup products and spending a bit more time and effort. Try any of these tips for yourself and discover, that sometimes, “More is more.” Don’t even think twice about it – be EXTRA and bask in its glory!

Do you consider yourself high maintenance with makeup? How do you go the extra mile for your beauty routine? I’d love to hear your own tips and tricks in the comments below!

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